The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

An Old Fashioned Pharmacy Offering Professional Service & Personalized Care!
  • Open today 9am - 6pm
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

458 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
(732) 636-0011

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"As your personal Medicine Shoppe pharmacist, I take pride in knowing medicine and also knowing you. This thoughtful blend of professional and personal pharmacy service enables me to fulfill your unique health needs completely and compassionately. In turn, you benefit from knowing that you can care for your health and family's health with confidence." This is The Medicine Shoppe Promise to you.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is the kind of pharmacy our parents and grandparents appreciated: with a welcome at the front door and professionals who take an interest in your individual needs.

Our health-care professionals take the time to personally know you to effectively serve your individual pharmacy needs, and also help with your personal health questions and concerns.These qualities will always be in style at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy. It's why so many people count on us.

Stop by The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy today - we're looking forward to getting to know you!